More about securing a Windows VPS


Your windows VPS must be secured.  In continuation to one of our previous blogs, hereby we are listing some more tasks for the security of your VPS against common attacks.

Microsoft always works really hard to tighten the security of Windows. Amongst all available OS today, we can say that Windows is really a secure OS. But, it becomes compromised when people install third party software to the Windows machines. You should update third party software regularly. More specifically, the security vulnerabilities associated with third-party software are often overlooked.  This can include web browsers to simple document viewers. If the number of installed applications is larger, the exploit vulnerability increases. Hence, it is recommended that you install only what is essential to run your project, and keep all software up to date.

Remote Desktop Gateway is a technique to access your VPS through web over SSL or TLS. The method has a significant advantage of making connections over secure port 443. Using Remote Desktop Gateway is important because it encrypts the transferred data. You must configure a Remote Desktop Gateway server on your VPS.

Configuring intrusion prevention and detection may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, In order to set this properly, you may need assistance of your Widows VPS provider. As a client, all you want to know is that there is a firewall like software is analysing real time network traffic to your VPS and looking for attack signatures. Among all Intrusion prevention tools available, Snort is probably the most widely used open source network intrusion prevention tool.

Using Spyware Protection could be the easiest way of getting infected. We often receive many complaints against VPS users running a spyware infected VPS. Spyware can be defined as software that displays advertisements and collects information from your machine. It is also capable of changing settings on your VPS without your consent. It can install unwanted toolbars, links, add bookmarks in web browsers, change default home page, or display pop-up ads repeatedly. Some spywares work silently in the background. It does not show any detectable symptoms, but secretly collects sensitive information, such as your visited websites, your search engine keywords, the text you type. Most of them are installed through free software that you download from the Internet, but in some cases simply visiting a website will inject spyware into your machine.

Anti-spyware software can help you in protecting your machine from spyware. It alerts you when spyware tries to install itself on your computer. It also performs scans in your computer for existing spyware and removes it. In order to have the latest definitions of spyware, these spywares must be regularly updated.

When you go online, security is essential.  Hope this information helps you for securing your windows VPS and also selecting your best Windows VPS hosting provider company.