Want to start a blog… Read this.


A blog or blogging website is a record available on the World Wide Web, which may be anything regarding some subject and maintained in a chronological order like an online diary. Some blogs also allow comments from the readers or visitors to the blog content, usually known as posts. A blog website is having a great benefit that the writer doesn’t need to have the knowledge of building web pages or do coding. It is generally used as a method to circulate their views and ideas quickly in a simple way throughout the internet.

Blogs are used by individuals for personal use, writers, professionals, and even by organizations for their business and marketing purpose. Blogs usually have an informational tone, so it gets desperate professionals who condemn the less quality journalism, but it is the fact that blogs circulate content on the Internet. For organizations and businesses, a blog is always a way to be connected with their clients in an easier way when compared to their corporate website.

Blogs are popular because it is easy to learn how to create and publish them without having any technical knowledge and also there is a variety of free plugins and themes available. Search engines like Google and Bing love blogs and that’s why growth of blogging shows a big fashion fulfilling the need of companies and people to share their knowledge with world.

Talking about the content of a blog, most of the blogs are used as online personal diaries or we can say it a twitter account without having a limit of characters, where you can also publish photos and videos. Users also use blogs not only for usual text content but for photographic work and professional journalism. Informative blogs dealing with complex technical issues like web design, technology, gadgets, web hosting are also used by companies and individuals for knowledge purpose.

This way a blog helps its publishers and readers in many ways: interacting their ideas, sharing knowledge on particular subject, and getting connected socially. Blogs can be also a good way to generate income through online ads and be famous. Businesses often use blogs using informational content about their products and services for marketing and canvassing new clients.

Blogger and Tumblr are well known blogging platforms, where Wordpress is a wonderful blogging CMS with help of which one can easily create and manage a blogging website. When it comes to hold a WordPress blog, there is a range of WordPress Hosting and Blog web hosting provider companies, some of the top ones are listed on our website.

So, if you do have something to share on the web, you should wait to start a blog now, and for top blog web hosting solutions, see the list of top ten blog web hosting sites here.