Web Hosting for Bloggers and Writers


If you are going a start a blog or a personal website, the first thing you’ll require to get you website on the World Wide Web is a reliable and affordable web hosting. You would have to choose a web hosting who’ll provide you web space for storing your web pages and other hosting features related to your blog adding to it, depending on which web host you select, firewall protection might be included in the package, the web host may provide technical support, some offer corporate email accounts, and various other incorporated services. For this purpose, bloggers and writers should compare web hosting companies judiciously to locate the best one that meets their needs. Below mentioned are some concerns one should consider while going to select a web host.


Free Web Hosting

When you are going to use a free web hosting service, the host will have the option of placing advertisements on the websites that hosted on their servers. These advertisements may represent a wrong image for your blog. Also, there may be lack of technical assistance when you choose a free web hosting service.


Blogging Websites

A writer or blogger generally starts a website to share information with others. You should choose a web hosting provider who is familiar with blogging sites. There are many hosts offering WordPress hosting plans, which is specially designed for bloggers. Also, some offer quick installers and blogging related web hosting tools.


Website Migrations

Some bloggers and writers presently have a web host provider but they find that their current service no longer meets their requirements. At that time you can have an option of migrating an existing website to another web hosting provider. When you are going to migrate a website, you can have technical assistance from your new web host, but make sure they fulfil your complete requirements that your previous host wasn’t.


Self-Managed and Managed Hosting

Who already know how to develop a blogging website and how to host it; can choose a self-managed web hosting plan. Some hosts provide just web space and basic features needed to get the site up and running at cheaper rates. The blogger webmaster can then manage basic maintenance and updates to keep the website functional. Whereas for the ones who want to leave all of the back-end management work to hosting service providers should opt for a fully managed hosting plan. If you are going with a fully managed plan, you should always look up for what is included in technical support. Does the host oversee security scans and malware detection, WordPress plugins and themes updates, SEO analysis and rank tracking, etc. and more, all things should be checked.


Email Accounts

If you need a corporate email address connected with your domain name ensuring that the emails work properly and can be configurable with various devices enabling IMAP / POP, you should check for if your web hosting service provider supports for this service.


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