What is Joomla hosting? What can I expect from it?

What is Joomla?

To understand what Joomla hosting is, you first need to understand what Joomla is. Joomla is a popular free CMS (content management system), and it allows you to easily create and manage a dynamic website. Its intuitive management interface allows users to control all the functionalities and features this CMS has to offer. In addition, there are hundreds of free extensions written for Joomla, these extensions allows user to takes its functions and customize ability to another level.


What is Joomla hosting? What can I expect from it?

Joomla hosting is used by thousands of websites, some popular websites that use Joomla hosting are Linux.com, Harvard University, Unrig.org, MTV Greece, along with many others. It is mostly used by forums, online shops, and community related websites. But in recent years we have seen that many blogs and companies have started using Joomla.


It runs on an excellent Linux web server, that have the ability to support MySQL, and PHP. Yes, there are many best web hosting providers that offer MySQL, and PHP; but their servers come nothing close to what Joomla is offering.


When looking at the best Joomla hosting providers, keep in mind that they should offer:

  • They should offer optimized servers, and features Joomla requires.
  • One click installation for Joomla
  • Joomla support team
  • Joomla tutorials
  • Boost in speed for Joomla website
  • Tools to let you build a Joomla website faster


 The success and failure of your online business depend on the CMS you choose, and Joomla has proven that it is reliable. When choosing a CMS, keep in mind that it will affect your business. Which is why Joomla is the first choice of thousands of websites worldwide.


How to choose the best Joomla hosting provider?

There are hundreds of website hosting providers, that are offering Joomla. So when looking for the best Joomla hosting provider, the process can be a little complicated. You will see many websites recommending various hosting providers for Joomla service, but it should be your decision in the end.


When looking for a good web hosting service provider, check if they support Joomla. Keep in mind that Joomla will require MySQL, PHP, Apache to run smoothly. It will be great if the same service provider is also offering phpMyAdmin, along with a mod_rewrite enabled; so you can activate search engine friendly Gzip, URLs, and .htaccess.


If you are planning on building a website with Joomla, you should consider the operating system the hosting service is providing you with. The 3.x version works great on Windows and Linux, while it is not OS dependent. And older versions are only compatible with Linux.


Joomla core will not require much disk space, so uploading videos, articles, and images will increase the size of your website. And when you download more extensions for Joomla it will take up more space. So when choosing a web hosting plan make sure you pick one with a good amount of disk space and bandwidth.


Joomla Hosting, Cheap vs Expensive

There is a common misconception, that when you buy something cheap it will not be of good quality. There are times when we pick the most expensive service, thinking we cannot do better than this. Ask any experienced user, and they will tell you the same thing; that choosing a reliable and affordable host is better than choosing an expensive host with poor support. Which is why you should always read customer reviews, as they can give out unbiased advice, and you will be learning from someone with actual experience.