What to look for in a free website hosting provider?

Free web site hosting is when hosting services are free of any cost, so the website owner will not be required to pay any money for these services. When looking into the best web hosting providers we carefully consider its various aspects that allow us to make more informed decision. Similarly, when you are picking a free website hosting provider you need to carefully consider a few matters. Just because it is free, does not mean everyone is offering the same deal.


These free website hosting features vary from host to host, where some are just providing the minimum features, others are offering more essential features along with the basic features. Here is a short but useful guide that will help you find the best free website hosting provider.


  1. Advertising - there are many free web host’s that will spam your website with numerous ads. These ads will help the host cover the cost of the web hosting services you are using. There are many free hosts what will ask you to put up a banner or two on your website, or others will ask for a pop-up window to be displayed when someone opens your website. There are many that in addition, will impose advertising frames, which can turn away visitors. So when picking a free web site host, keep in mind to check the kind of advertising you will have to deal with.
  2. Web Space - it is crucial to check if the free web hosting provider you are using is giving you enough web space to run your website properly. In this department your needs will vary considering what type of a website you will be running. So it is always a great idea to get an estimate, keeping in mind that your website will grow eventually. There are times when even 150 pages will take less than 5MB, but this number heavily depends on the pictures on these pages, video clips, sound files, etc. The more media you add over time, or at the same time the more space it will take up.
  3. FTP access - a method used to transfer their web pages from their computer to the web host’s computer. Many free website host’s will limit you to build and design a website using just their website builder. While beginner might find this feature useful, it will not let you expand in the future. So it is essential to check if you will be given the opportunity to expand when it is time.
  4. Limitations - file type and size limitations can cause you a lot of trouble, if you were not careful enough to check before you started their free website hosting services. Check to see if there is an uploading limit to file, and if there is any kind of restrictions related to file type.
  5. Speed & Reliability - is simply the most important aspect. The free website hosting will do you no good, if it is down frequently. There are so many times when you try to access a website through search engine, but are unable to access them because they are down. This will lose your visitors, and even your rank on search engines. Another highly frustrating aspect is the slow loading speed of web pages. So you can either try it out yourself, or you can research user reviews on the internet.
  6. Bandwidth - free website host’s often limit the number of visitors that can access your website in a day or a month. So if there is more traffic than allotted, the provider will disable your website; and send you an extra bill for the services used. To begin with, you will require at least 1GB to 3GB traffic per month, and the number will grow as your website grows.