Windows Web Hosting solutions providers offer their users the capability of hosting websites using the ever-popular Windows OS and technologies such as ASP - Active Server Pages, AJAX along with MS SQL, ASP.NET infrastructure, MS Access and ODBC database connectivity. The top 10 windows web hosting provider companies offer Windows WebsitePanel / Plesk control panel with shared and reseller windows web hosting plans which include all the useful resources essential for designing and maintenance of your website pages.

Most of the companies offer windows hosting plans which have facility to create multiple email accounts and databases, have database support for MSSQL (Up  to latest editions), MySQL, MS ACCESS, ODBC and PhpMyAdmin, and support server side scripts for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET Ajax extensions and XML.

These companies also offer windows reseller packages with everything you need to get your business or personal website online with multiple domains, databases, webmail, 24x7 uninterrupted customer support, exceptional uptime and reliable servers.

Most popular websites hosted on windows servers use ASP.Net hosting and if you are planning to launch a dynamic website then will be an ideal option. Most of the tasks can be done through easy drag and drop when you go for ASP.Net hosting as Microsoft Window Hosting has provided a number of built-in Windows authentication. Many programmers also prefer ASP.Net hosting because this gives you lot of options while choosing your programming language. Webmasters that looking for easy to maintain websites should choose ASP.Net. All websites developed in ASP.Net will require ASP.Net hosting. PHP or Linux based hosting will not support ASP.Net websites. With ASP.Net Hosting website revamping is far easier. Webmasters that need not only websites that are easy to maintain but also highly stable websites, ASP.Net hosting is the way to go.

There are hundreds of website hosting companies on the web. The challenge however is finding the most dependable hosting service provider. Every web hosting company that you come across on the web claims to offer the best services. You should however know how to class these services and how to pick the best companies on the web. Whether you are choosing VPS hosting, shared hosting or dedicated servers, your web site should enjoy the highest server uptime only then you will be able to consider as service provider as the best web hosting company. So it is not based on what a web hosting company claims but only based on what they deliver you should choose your web hosting company. It is also important that the best web hosting company you choose offers very reliable customer support. This is a crucial factor because when something goes wrong you will need the support of your website hosting company to rectify the problems relating to your hosting. Thirdly, you should also make sure that the best web hosting company provides you with adequate security for your website and for the data you store online. You can refer the list of top 10 windows hosting provider companies and choose a most trusted website hosting company.